Is Facebook a dangerous place to engage if you’re autistic?

Subtitle: It could be…

I really had no inspiration to write anything today because I was working on my non-virtual work related activity locally.

However, I decided to tune-in to Facebook, catch up on my FB News Feed, and the topics, posts, and stories just set me off emotionally!

First it was the pending lawsuit over the election fraud in the US pertaining to the Democratic Primary votes, and then it was various posts regarding the tragedy that occurred in Orlando, Florida. If you don’t know about that one, 50 plus individuals were gunned downed the other night in a Gay nightclub by an alleged Islamic whatever.

The latter was the most disturbing for me because it had to do with guns, secondly because it targeted a minority, and thirdly because the news media is trying to use that ‘Islamic’ card again to place the blame.

My first thought was the Sandy Hook Massacre of children by a young man, Adam Lanza, who allegedly had Asperger’s Syndrome.

If you remember that news cycle, all of us autistics were shivering in fear thinking that our neighbors, friends, and acquaintances might think that any one of us could replicate that same mayhem. And many of us autistic writers immediately got busy trying to debunk the connection of having Asperger’s or autism with violence.

Here we go again! This time it’s another news cycle using Islam or being Muslim as a reason for unfathomable violence, when in fact it probably has nothing to do with it.

When one individual decides to do such horrific carnage, there’s a lot more to the story than their religious affiliation or political viewpoints. Those aspects may play a part, but the root of their decisions to do such anti-social behavior is primarily based on their psychological instability.

There are a ton of catchy labels to attach to those types of psychological profiles including sociopath and psychopath, but labels are totally irrelevant.

What is important is how easy it is for someone that is psychologically unstable to acquire the means to perpetrate such horror.

In the US we have a cultural problem and an archaic aspect of the US Constitution called the Second Amendment. Compared to other World Cultures, the US is an infant. We basically became an official “country” in the late 1700’s, and if one studies the history of other large countries, most are much older and have had the time to mature to a logical way of operating.

Guns and ammunition are still relatively easy to acquire in the US. We have Gun Shows, Gun Stores, and even Walmart sells guns.

Part of the cultural problem is that a lot of US citizens still fear that either the US Government might become a ‘Police State’ and infringe on their rights, or they fear that some criminal might try to invade their home, steal their belongings, and even kill them. The latter I can understand and agree with, and I see no issue with a sane individual owning a handgun to protect themselves or their family.

This latest US mass killing which is marketed as one of the worst yet involved assault weapons which are capable of killing lots of people very quickly, and that’s what happened.

Today is Monday, and I guarantee you by Friday this will blow over in the news media, just like what happened with the mass killing of children at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

However, before this totally blows over, I wouldn’t be surprised that they claim the gunman was autistic or had Asperger’s Syndrome. That seems to be another easy excuse to use besides somebody’s religion, and there’s another murder trial going on right now where the defense is using ‘autism’ as a defense mechanism.

Will I stop getting on Facebook and avoid social media altogether to avoid being emotionally set off? No, I won’t.

But I will chime in with my thoughts on these issues even if they are not related to autism, because I am scared to death that we autistics will be used again as scapegoats for the actions of maniacs.

To be continued…

Autism and diversity: what is one medium that unites all humans and some animals too?

Subtitle: It’s start with the letter ‘m’…

There’s a topic that I like to write about which starts with the letter ‘m’. This ‘m’ thing has been one of my closest friends, one of my best healers, and the number one place that I like to go when I need to either escape or find a connection.

We autistics often feel like the “third wheel” or “an alien from another planet”. I’m certain that I come from an “alien oval planet” but I suspect other autistics might feel that they come from triangular or even square planets. 🙂 In the end it doesn’t matter because we just feel different than most people who cross our paths.

However, sometimes ‘unlike beings’ can discover that either they share a certain trait or they share a common interest. And when that happens, there’s a connection between those two different entities.

Creating a connection with someone is how a friendship is started or even a romantic relationship. That bond will hopefully grow to unexplainable proportions that often lasts a lifetime.

The bond that I cultivated at a very early age was with that ‘m’ thing, and over the first decade and a half of my life the ‘m’ thing enabled me to successfully communicate verbally with humans. It was a long process that required lots of work and practice on my part, but it worked.

As an old autistic surveying the chaos in the world with humans that either don’t get along or feel that they need power over other humans, I often think that they need to meet my friend the ‘m’ thing, find some common ground or common interest, and realize that they might not be as diverse as they thought.

This last thought came to me as I was perusing the latest news-bytes in the US about the remaining Presidential candidates, Clinton, Sanders, and Trump.

On one hand it’s quite entertaining to watch either The Bernie and Hillary Show or watch the one-man show, The Donald Show.

Each is trying to differentiate themselves from the other and win favor with the American people in order to be the next US President; unfortunately only one will achieve that honor and the losers will have to find something else to do.

And probably the saddest part of this that I’ve noticed is how the voters get so fired up against one another depending on who they like that they forget they all share the same species and country.

Not all autistics get along either but normally we find some common ground or motive to rally around to unite us. Most of my autistic friends deplore Autism Speaks so that is our thread to unite us, i.e. Light It Up Gold and NOT Light It Up Blue. 🙂

My friend the ‘m’ thing has some unique powers in my view that could help with almost any chaos or disagreement by transcending language, country, or political party with sounds to evoke emotions, and most of the time the ‘m’ thing creates a unifying result amongst diverse humans that is indescribable with words.

If you have your doubts or you don’t believe me, watch the attached video and formulate your own thoughts.

This is my ‘m’ friend at his or her best.

To be continued…

Do autistics suffer the non-autistic trait of bigotry?

Subtitle: Not too many I hope… 🙂

I was perusing the Internet and stumbled on the attached Huffington Post article which includes several Tweeted photos of interracial couples including a couple of photos submitted by Sen. John McCain’s (R) son with his beautiful wife.

What I have read is that the majority of autistics are innately non-bigoted in the way that we think, and we are less likely to become bigots as we grow into adulthood. Therefore we can infer that bigotry is caused by an environmental occurrence and is not necessarily a genetic predisposition but who knows; since I deplore bigotry of any kind I will assume that is a correct statement.

This article and substance is timely since a couple of US States are attempting to turn back the clock and reintroduce legislation to permit both interracial discrimination and sexual orientation discrimination; i.e. Kentucky and North Carolina.

When I recently read about Kentucky trying to reintroduce interracial marriage discrimination I started chuckling. And the reason for that is I am a descendent of probably the very first legal interracial marriage between a white man and an African-American woman, and guess what state that occurred in, Kentucky circa 1873.

My paternal great-great-grandmother Elizabeth whom I’m referring to above was the product of a white slave owner and a black African-American woman, and for the first eleven years of her life she was an African-American slave. She was born in Georgia and at some point she ended up in Kentucky when she finally became a “Freed Slave” as a result of the end of American Civil War circa 1865.

Now my great-great-grandfather John who was half white and half Native American knew that Elizabeth was a “freed slave” and that did not deter him from falling in love with her, marrying her, and subsequently having three children together, one of which is my great-grandfather.

I reference this snapshot of my ancestry because it got me thinking, “Just how far back did autism occur in my ancestry?”

Since autism is very prevalent on my maternal side but only slightly prevalent on my paternal side based on my research and analysis, I’m wondering if there’s a connection of autism, the story of John and Elizabeth, and the assertion that most autistics do not share the non-autistic trait of “bigotry”.

Therefore, if we’re going to continue budgeting the majority of money for research in lieu of providing support and services for those living with autism, I would like these kinds of questions answered versus what gene combination is responsible for autism. 🙂

I think it’s far more interesting and may lead to new interventions to cure despicable human behavior such as bigotry. 🙂

To be continued…

Are all autistics as gullible as I am?

Subtitle: I hope not…

For the past two weeks I’ve been caught up in the whirlwind of the Democratic Party Primary elections, and while it’s been a real eye opener it has also sparked a passion in me that had been dormant for a very long time, i.e. political involvement.

Of the two remaining Democratic Party candidates, there’s only one that resonates with me based on their ideals, their principles, and most importantly making me feel like I’ve known them for decades. That’s Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Many of us autistics have a propensity to think logically, to be highly empathetic to someone else’s needs, but unfortunately we often believe almost everything we read or hear.

It could be construed as naivety but I think of it as an inherent characteristic of ‘trust’ and seeing the ‘good’ in everyone.

That particular characteristic, ‘trust’, can sometimes get us in trouble or sometimes can break our hearts.

Today was one of those moments. There’s a website called ‘Change dot org’ and I assume that it is noble in nature, but I learned a little earlier that some human beings take advantage of it for devious purposes. From what I can tell, there are minimal background checks if any on all new petitions initiated using their services.

I saw a new petition today from that site asking for the United Nations to step in and to investigate the apparent fraudulent activities occurring with the Democratic Primary election process. It was worded perfectly and included the name of Sen. Sanders’ right hand man, Jeff Weaver.

As a result, I assumed that it was legit and I immediately posted it in all of the related Sen. Sanders Facebook groups. I even went one step further and posted it again including my satire introduction which starts “Dear Hillary…” in order to get people’s attention.

I think that I may have helped somewhat because the last time that I checked, the number of signatures was approaching 15,000 and that was all in an eight hour timespan.

I’ve been so busy trying to help the effort by researching and posting articles that I think may be pertinent, and using my satire introductions, that I rarely have time to read the comments from others.

However, this evening by chance I did click to see the comments from this post in one of the groups, and someone mentioned that often those ‘Change dot org’ petitions are bogus and are simply trying to capture email addresses for future scamming or spamming.

Guess what? I think this was one of those because I failed to notice that the originator of the petition was located in some obscure town in Nepal. [Lightbulb finally came on]

Therefore, it appears to me that my autistic trait of being gullible manifested itself again and I was duped.

Fortunately Facebook has a pretty easy way to <delete> posts so I immediately deleted all of those related to that possible bogus ‘Change dot org’ petition.

I’ve learned a lesson but I have not lost my faith in humanity nor my preference of assuming that everyone is telling the truth, at least not until otherwise proven.

Regarding the two Democratic Party candidates that are still competing against each other, I have figured out who is telling the truth, and it’s based on a vast amount of research and analysis.

All I can say is, I apologize to my fellow Bernicrats on Facebook if I suckered you in along with myself, and I hope not to let it ever happen again while I’m in political activist mode.

And at my age, that may not be much longer. 🙂

Best regards,
David Moore Boulware

p.s. #FeelTheBern

Angry Americans and Angry Autistics, the saga continues…

Subtitle: What’s the relationship between the two?

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been trying to put my finger on the similarity that I notice between the current US Presidential race and the frequent rants by my fellow tribespeople.

We have the Reality TV Series, the Republican Primary with the lead star Mr. Donald Trump, and we have the Game Show, Truth or Dare!, starring Sen. Bernie Sanders and Secy. Hillary Clinton. Sen. Sanders keeps telling the truth to the viewers which wins them over, and Secy. Clinton keeps daring him to unseat her rightful place as the Democratic Presidential nominee. 

It’s been so fun watching this, I’ve barely written anything recently! 🙂

Today I was wrapped up into reading all sorts of newsbytes and articles about these two shows and simultaneously thinking about the big day, April 2nd Autism Acceptance Day, when it finally occurred to me the connection between the two.

Angry Americans are finally getting their frustrations voiced by either voting for Sen. Bernie Sanders or Mr. Donald Trump in their respective primaries.

Angry Autistics are getting ready to blast the internet with Light It Up Gold on April 2nd and for the entire month of April.

In fact, we autistics usually use April to really let off a lot of pent up anger towards Autism $peaks and the companies that support that organization, both in personal posts on the myriad of autism related Facebook groups, and by some amazing autistic bloggers and thinkers that really know how to rally the troupes!

One thing that has become pretty clear to me watching and reading about these political reality and game shows is that the media is the glue and distributor that makes or breaks a political candidate, and they are also responsible for the success of Autism $peaks.

I rarely see nor read any media report about the faction that is anti-Autism $peaks. It is completely one-sided with stories about an Autism Walk in Timbuktu or some story with photos about some building that is lighting it up blue for autism! [barf]

In a previous post I suggested that we autistics need an autistic Sen. Bernie Sanders or an autistic Mr. Donald Trump to lead us if we are going to have a revolution to get our autistic voices heard in order to change how money is used to fund autism related research and services. That’s part of the solution.

After thinking about the similarities we share with Angry Americans, I think the most urgent problem to solve is getting the attention of the big media outlets.

So Lighting It Up Gold on the internet is a start, but we need to Light It Up Gold in realtime in a really big way.

The Washington Monument and most importantly the Golden Gate Bridge comes to my mind…

[To be continued…]

Happy Autism Acceptance Day April 2nd!

Why is my autism related Facebook newsfeed inundated with Sen. Bernie Sanders plugs?

Subtitle: I guess it’s because autistics like him regardless of what country they live in…

Since the US Presidential election cycle is the hot topic on Facebook in most groups, and we appear to have three frontrunners, Mr. Donald Trump, Secy. Hillary Clinton, and Sen. Bernie Sanders, it appears that we only have one candidate that has been consistent over the years with their rhetoric and their political philosophies.

Mr. Donald Trump used to be a staunch Democrat and a Hillary Clinton supporter, Secy. Hillary Clinton used to be a Republican when she was in college and worked on the Sen. Barry Goldwater Presidential campaign in the 60’s, and Sen. Bernie Sanders has always been a Democratic Socialist striving to help and represent the disenfranchised, i.e. poor people, women, and minorities including people of color.

The video below within the first few minutes substantiates that assertion and they are the same ideas that he is talking about in 2016.

I guess autistics are pretty good at figuring out who is telling the truth and what makes sense, versus who’s faking it with empty slogans and excuses about previous decisions…

YouTube Video: Sen. Bernie Sanders circa 1988

Are autistics political or apolitical?

Subtitle: I have no [insert here] idea…

However, I have shifted from apolitical (don’t give a damn) to political (maybe I do give a damn) during this current US Presidential election cycle.

I like to ‘think’ and that requires being objective about others’ opinions in order to formulate my own opinions about topics.

In thinking about a President Hillary Clinton versus a President Bernie Sanders, I have read and thought about a lot of information pertaining to both candidates.

On one hand, I would love to see a woman US President, but on the other hand, I want someone leading the most powerful country on this tiny round small planet that cares about his or her fellow human beings, and represents my interests, not those of large donors.

It appears to me that the US is suffering an epidemic of Dumb Virus.

That has to be the case with so many US citizens attending rallies and supporting Mr. Donald Trump.

In fact, he is so far ahead in the Republican Primary that the Republican Party elite is trying to plot an overthrow at the Republican Convention.

How they plan to pull that off is a mystery! 🙂

However, if they think that they can do that, then the Democratic Party elite might want to consider the same tactic if Secretary Hillary Clinton is the likely nominee.

The reason for doing that is the fact that it is estimated that 30% of Senator Bernie Sanders’ supporters will either not vote or write his name in on the US Presidential ballot.

Should that occur and Mr. Trump survives the plot to overthrow him, he will probably be the next US President.

The result will be a better B-Movie than we’ve been watching for almost a year.

Unfortunately, the genre of that movie has yet to be disclosed.

It might be a comedy, a war movie, a science fiction thriller, or an historical documentary epic!

If the screenwriters of that movie need some ideas, here goes:

a) How the President Lost His Toupee
b) The Battles of World War III
c) The Making of the US Civil War II
d) The iPhone Enigma – cracking the code!
e) The Building of The Great Wall of the United States of America
F) (we’re F**k’d) all of the above 🙂

[To be continued]

Article and op-ed: Nevermind The Election – Bernie Sanders Has Already Won

Why is my autism related Facebook newsfeed inundated with so many Sen. Bernie Sanders videos?

Subtitle: Because autistics have immense empathy and care about our planet and the people that live on it.

A few years back I decided to be apolitical due to my frustration with the US political system. I concluded that the US is a two party system of Plutocrats and Plutocrats Lite.

However, I have been emotionally uplifted with hope that there is a possibility for change.

And that change is dependent on the leadership of someone special that truly represents the majority of US citizens should you happen to live in the US and be a US citizen.

In my daily Facebook autism related newsfeed I see many posts by members from all around globe posting videos and comments about Sen. Bernie Sanders, all of them reflecting a sincere hope that he will be the next US President.

And they do that because all US Presidents have a significant impact on world politics which can directly affect them and their country.

I am extremely touched that the international autism community has become so involved in the US Presidential election.

We autistics think logically.

We autistics are generally bigot free individuals.

We autistics recognize the truth versus the lies and the pettiness.

We autistics care about our fellow human beings, our fellow creatures, and our tiny small round planet that we all share.

It appears that a lot of autistics feel the Bern!

I feel the Bern and I hope you do too.

Video: Now Is The Time (Bernie 2016)

About this blog…

I’m working on a follow-up post to yesterday’s after giving some thought to its content and my apparent omission of connecting one aspect of it to the main theme, “why did I bring up my savant skills…” That’ll have to wait.

But about this blog…

This morning I emailed that post to one of my best friends who I consider the ultimate wordsmith looking for feedback.

Instead of critiquing that post, he sent me an email with some advice from a post-career Life Coach that he connected with around six years ago.

My friend:

“Starting first with a networking teleconference she hosted, she and I had several “barter” exchange Skype sessions trading startup advice that culminated in her advice to me that my principal strength—which you, too, noted–was a gift for something I’d never heard of, Meticulous Presentation.

As a certfied master coach in her field, I wanted to share with you this recent email I received from her today about “Living your Great Story for 2016”. She lists three I’d not seen put together in this way.

The three stories (Victim, Overcoming, and Great) that we each live–and how those stories can either lift you up or take you down.

  1. A tool for understanding which story you–and others–are living, at any moment.
  2. This tool can also help you choose the experience that you want.
  3. The breadcrumbs for finding your way back to wholeness, no matter what your circumstance.”

My response:

‘Regarding #1, I don’t think either of my blogs correlate to “the three stories” that she has illustrated, however I suppose that I could map #2 and #3 into what I am doing, but it’s too much work. 🙂

My Facebook blog is a platform for writing opinion editorials with subversive philosophical and teaching tidbits.

My WordPress blog is a mashup of my Facebook blog, an autobiography, information clearing house, opinion editorials which include venting, ranting, and reasonably objective thoughts.

In other words it’s a potpourri of verbosity and in the process, if someone gleans information or is entertained, then I’m satisfied.

You would be surprised at how many people are interested in my opinions, pardon the ego showing. 🙂

When I finally realized that, it was a little bit of inspiration to start both blogs.

My attitude about anything that I write is that I am doing it for myself because I enjoy it, period.

Writing is my preferred art form, and if I’m the only one looking at the finished canvas of dried paint that’s O.K. with me.

In essence, it is very therapeutic and I highly recommend it to everyone.

In your case, since I consider you a brilliant writer, I would like to see you start your blog with the purpose of getting some satisfaction out of it, and simultaneously build an audience to boost your ego which at times is deflated too low.

Perhaps you can distill your friend’s advice in blogging and writing, and subsequently use it as part of your project plan model moving forward to write.

In summary, the three most important words in real estate are, “Location, location, location.”

And the three most important words in the art of writing are, “Write, write, write.”’


My friend didn’t understand what help that I was asking for nor did he understand why I exercise my fingers on a keyboard.

I was asking for help in order to communicate my thoughts better, a known deficiency amongst us autistics. 🙂

I also had a subversive motive which I do often with whatever I write.

I enjoy helping people whether they know it or not and I consider it a game with the most challenging obstacle, figuring out how other people think, or don’t. 🙂

In this case, my friend missed the point and simultaneously interjected another obstacle for himself to get started as a writer, trying to figure out what crap somebody else says to do and shoving that crap down my throat! 🙂 [it didn’t work]

For the past ten years, I have been working really hard to get this friend to start writing. I have given him tons of ideas including offering to help him construct either a Blogger blog, a WordPress blog, or a really simple Facebook Page that functions like a blog.

I have not succeeded yet! 🙂

What he didn’t pick up on was my intention to use this ploy of asking for help to inspire him to do something, WRITE!

In essence, if some of my dribble either entertains a reader or provokes a feeling or thought that will better their lives, then I’m happy and I’ve succeeded.

That is why I write besides exercising my fingers. 🙂

To be continued…

How long does it take you to get a doctor’s appointment?

I live in Mexico, about an hour and twenty minutes south of the border with San Diego, CA.

I use two US medical systems, private healthcare and the Veterans Administration Healthcare System (VA). I also use the Mexico medical system, basically paying up front to see a doctor out of pocket.

On average, it takes me at least two (2) months to get an appointment with either my US primary care physician or a US medical specialist such as a rheumatologist. It usually takes me longer than that to see a doctor at the VA, and it’s next to impossible to see a specialist at the VA unless some lab report comes back with a major red flag or you’re near death. 🙂

Since I’m on Medicare due to being disabled, I’ve been using what they call the Medicare Advantage Program for the last five years. That program is basically an HMO type process that does have some perks, but also has a lot of downsides. My co-pay for seeing my primary care physician is $15.00 and if I’m referred to see a specialist such as a rheumatologist my co-pay is $35.00.

Over the last sixteen years, I’ve been seeing a lot of neurologists for what I thought I had, Multiple Sclerosis (MS). In October, I figured out that I probably have primary Lupus and secondary Sjogren’s Syndrome and subsequently I’ve seen two rheumatologists, one in the US and one in Mexico.

They have differing opinions from one another. The US doctor brushed me off as not being ill with anything and the Mexican doctor determined that I probably do have primary Lupus and secondary Sjogren’s Syndrome. My lab tests are the issue. I saw them both twice, a total of thirty-five (35) minutes with the US doctor, and a total of five (5) hours with the Mexican doctor.

I’m a big believer in second and third opinions, so I decided to see a third rheumatologist to get an additional opinion.

I found what appears to be a really knowledgeable rheumatologist in Tijuana, Mexico at a very prestigious private hospital. I did a lot of research on this individual, and it’s impressive.

The title of this post is “How long does it take you to get a doctor’s appointment?” I should have added, “How much does it cost you to finally see that doctor?”

I called the office of the Tijuana rheumatologist this morning and asked to make an appointment. The receptionist asked me when would I like to come in and my response was “next week.”

My appointment with this doctor is at 11:30 AM this coming Monday, January 4th.

I suspect the fee to see this doctor the first time will be the usual which is mandated by the federal government of Mexico. The usual fee for the first visit is $700 MXN pesos and subsequent visits are $500 MXN pesos.

At this very moment in time with the US dollar to Mexican peso exchange rate, that equates to $41.00 for the first visit and $30.00 for the second visit.

The co-pay for the US rheumatologist was $35.00 times two which equals $70.00, and that was for a total of thirty-five (35) minutes of not much help nor advice.

Oops! I made a boo-boo!

That US rheumatologist (she) did give me some advice. She told me to go see someone else and recommended that I spend $30,000.00 to get a thorough evaluation at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona…