About this blog…

My little obscure blog which I do not overtly advertise is my communication vehicle to write about Autism and Autoimmune Diseases of which I have a personal interest.

I am autistic and I have a comorbid condition called Savant Syndrome, aka ‘autistic savant’.

A very high percentage of autistics have comorbid autoimmune diseases and I have been diagnosed with Sjogren’s Syndrome which is considered a milder form of Lupus in many countries.

As this blog unfolds, I hope to help at least a few people that are dealing with similar medical issues and entertain a few as well with my journey through life and the obstacle course of the medical system.

[To be continued…]

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi David, I left you a note on your FB page where I saw your comment on health problems, and left you a note. I saw more or your info at the top of your page, here. Let me know if you’re up for going through my assessments and report process (designed for pinpointing our autistic challenges) in exchange for your critique/review of the process. You can best reach me at jackiethrives at gmail dot com, and if you want to scope me out ahead of time, I’ve had a few web challenges, but the old site is up again at http://ThriveWithAutism.ca, and I’m on Linked In.
    Regardless, best wishes, Jackie


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