Is Facebook a dangerous place to engage if you’re autistic?

Subtitle: It could be…

I really had no inspiration to write anything today because I was working on my non-virtual work related activity locally.

However, I decided to tune-in to Facebook, catch up on my FB News Feed, and the topics, posts, and stories just set me off emotionally!

First it was the pending lawsuit over the election fraud in the US pertaining to the Democratic Primary votes, and then it was various posts regarding the tragedy that occurred in Orlando, Florida. If you don’t know about that one, 50 plus individuals were gunned downed the other night in a Gay nightclub by an alleged Islamic whatever.

The latter was the most disturbing for me because it had to do with guns, secondly because it targeted a minority, and thirdly because the news media is trying to use that ‘Islamic’ card again to place the blame.

My first thought was the Sandy Hook Massacre of children by a young man, Adam Lanza, who allegedly had Asperger’s Syndrome.

If you remember that news cycle, all of us autistics were shivering in fear thinking that our neighbors, friends, and acquaintances might think that any one of us could replicate that same mayhem. And many of us autistic writers immediately got busy trying to debunk the connection of having Asperger’s or autism with violence.

Here we go again! This time it’s another news cycle using Islam or being Muslim as a reason for unfathomable violence, when in fact it probably has nothing to do with it.

When one individual decides to do such horrific carnage, there’s a lot more to the story than their religious affiliation or political viewpoints. Those aspects may play a part, but the root of their decisions to do such anti-social behavior is primarily based on their psychological instability.

There are a ton of catchy labels to attach to those types of psychological profiles including sociopath and psychopath, but labels are totally irrelevant.

What is important is how easy it is for someone that is psychologically unstable to acquire the means to perpetrate such horror.

In the US we have a cultural problem and an archaic aspect of the US Constitution called the Second Amendment. Compared to other World Cultures, the US is an infant. We basically became an official “country” in the late 1700’s, and if one studies the history of other large countries, most are much older and have had the time to mature to a logical way of operating.

Guns and ammunition are still relatively easy to acquire in the US. We have Gun Shows, Gun Stores, and even Walmart sells guns.

Part of the cultural problem is that a lot of US citizens still fear that either the US Government might become a ‘Police State’ and infringe on their rights, or they fear that some criminal might try to invade their home, steal their belongings, and even kill them. The latter I can understand and agree with, and I see no issue with a sane individual owning a handgun to protect themselves or their family.

This latest US mass killing which is marketed as one of the worst yet involved assault weapons which are capable of killing lots of people very quickly, and that’s what happened.

Today is Monday, and I guarantee you by Friday this will blow over in the news media, just like what happened with the mass killing of children at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

However, before this totally blows over, I wouldn’t be surprised that they claim the gunman was autistic or had Asperger’s Syndrome. That seems to be another easy excuse to use besides somebody’s religion, and there’s another murder trial going on right now where the defense is using ‘autism’ as a defense mechanism.

Will I stop getting on Facebook and avoid social media altogether to avoid being emotionally set off? No, I won’t.

But I will chime in with my thoughts on these issues even if they are not related to autism, because I am scared to death that we autistics will be used again as scapegoats for the actions of maniacs.

To be continued…

Author: David Moore Boulware

Me = [scientist, researcher, writer, coder, photographer, autistic savant, alter ego (Leonard (the friendly vegetarian lizard from an alien oval planet)), ...]

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