OMG! Paracetamol aka acetaminophen aka Tylenol in the US causes Autism!

Subtitle: Let’s all yawn together for another silly autism cause du jour…

In case you missed it over the past few days, there were about a zillion website articles citing a recent study done in Spain that Paracetamol taken by pregnant mothers can increase the likelihood of autism, mainly in boys. I found one article that basically disagrees and debunks that premise, and personally I disagree with it too; that article is attached.

Paracetamol has been around since 1877, and it is a combination of chemicals derived primarily from aniline which is a toxic compound. The word ‘toxic’ is a red flag and actually there are some people with certain conditions that should avoid taking it. However, other than those individuals, it is a reasonably safe over-the-counter medication.

What it does not do is reduce inflammation, i.e. act as anti-inflammatory medication such as Ibuprofen, a Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory medication which is also an over-the-counter available medication.

Since humans are averse to pain, we’re always looking for a “quick fix” such as a cheap tablet that is easily accessible, preferably without seeing a doctor and available at our local pharmacy, drug store, or supermarket.

Both Paracetamol and Ibuprofen are reasonably inexpensive and easy to acquire. However, I would recommend to a pregnant woman in pain to consider using Ibuprofen opposed to Paracetamol.

And the reason for that if you’ve read any of my earlier posts is that there is strong scientific evidence related to inflammation and the autoimmune system that may very well be the “smoking gun” as part of the real cause for autism.

If one accepts that premise as potentially valid, then controlling inflammation and quieting the autoimmune system might be a good strategy if one is concerned about having an autistic baby.

Personally, I’m glad my mother had an autistic baby, me, and I’m even more grateful that I do not have that infamous comorbid Intellectual Disabilty that often accompanies autism; however, I do have a serious Autoimmune Disorder related to autism.

If scientists want a real challenge to undertake, let’s stop trying to figure out the latest cause du jour of autism, and focus on the comorbid conditions that are often far worse, i.e. Intellectual Disablility and Autoimmune Disorders.

To me that makes sense but unfortunately I think logically and it appears that most scientists don’t. 🙂

To be continued…

Article: Link Between Autism and Paracetamol Dismissed by Scientists

Author: David Moore Boulware

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