Autism and politics, what’s the connection?

Subtitle: It’s complicated…

Over the last two weeks, I’ve been preoccupied (obsessed) with the current Democratic Primary race between Sen. Bernie Sanders and Secy. Hillary Clinton.

It didn’t take me too long to realize who I wanted to support as the next US President. It started with listening to the messages from Bernie himself which resonated with me personally, illuminating my personal views about what’s wrong with my native country, and providing hope to those that became followers including myself. Hence we now identify as Bernicrats.

Bernie always uses the pronoun “we” when he speaks, and that’s one small difference in contrast to his opponent who generally likes to use the “I” pronoun. The “we” are the rainbow of collected spirits that feel that the two party political system in the US no longer represents our interests nor represents us personally, culminating in the realization that the majority have been disenfranchised from the essence of government, replaced by money and power. There’s a label for that and it’s called a Kleptocracy.

The more that I became involved, the more I learned about both candidates, Bernie’s consistent history of trying to help the underdog, and the other candidate’s history of questionable decisions and controversial alliances.

When I started thinking about all of this, along with various states reporting voting irregularities, learning about the power of Super Delegates, learning how the Democratic National Committee engineered the Primary to favor one candidate, it struck me that all of this could be summed up as “stacking the deck” in order to win. And when someone does that, it’s another form of Bullying.

I suspect that many autistics reading this could see the association between what we’re witnessing in the US along with what many of us are up against on a daily basis.

In the autism political world, it’s basically a one-party system, and that political party is called Autism Speaks. The majority of thinking autistics deplore that organization based on their historical rhetoric, their quest to “fix” us opposed to providing support services, and most hurtful convincing the world that they speak for all autistics.

How do they sustain a one-party system? Simple, they have all of the money (donations), a very successful marketing strategy, and the founders are well connected to the Financial World (New York) and especially the Media (former CEO NBC Broadcasting).

There you have it. Who would have thought that autistics and Bernicrats had so much in common, how power and money of two different but large organizations, the Democratic National Committee and Autism Speaks, have successfully alienated, disenfranchised, and bullied a heck of a lot of people to the point of saying “ENOUGH!”

[To be continued…]

Author: David Moore Boulware

Me = [scientist, researcher, writer, coder, photographer, autistic savant, alter ego (Leonard (the friendly vegetarian lizard from an alien oval planet)), ...]

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